What Happens When A Member Accepts A Lead?

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000007988-what-happens-when-a-member-accepts-a-lead-

Brilliant Directories allows the website to send an email to the website members that includes a preview of the message but does not include the email or phone number. What is included in its place is a link to “Accept The Lead”. By clicking on the link, the business/members get logged into their account instantly and taken straight to the lead information:

If the lead is free, the members only need to click “Accept” to see the email and phone number. By forcing the members to click on a link it will create a trigger that notifies the admin the moment a member accepts a lead. This is the best opportunity to call them to verify that all is going well and to upsell them to a Premium level.

If a lead is paid, the members will have the opportunity to purchase the lead from the member dashboard. Once they complete the purchase successfully, the members will instantly have access to the email and phone number in order to be able to reach out to them. The admin will also get notified the moment this happens.

Additional Information:

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