How to Localize the Website


The Primary Country setting is used to fall back on or recommend to users when maps / map searches are needed. 

Go into Settings >>  General Settings >> Localization:

By default, whenever a user does a search by location it will recommend suggestions from all around the world, however, if the website is intended to be used in one country only the searches should be in the intended country. 

The Primary Country setting is also used to set the default map pin:

This applies to the following forms:

  • Lead Form
  • Member Contact Details (shown above)
  • Service Areas
  • Single Image and Group Posts

The map pin location can be customized using the advanced setting

Default Center Map Location

System Variable: default_center_map_lat_lon

When using this setting, add the latitude and longitude coordinates separated by commas. 

Example: 41.019696,-99.888992