How To Add or Edit Categories For Post Types


All Post Types come with pre-set, example categories:

These will need to be replaced with actual categories or deleted to remove the post category option from the post form.

Edit Post Categories

Locate The Post Type

1. Go to My Content > Edit Post Settings 

2. Locate the desired post type to edit: 

Edit The Categories

1. Look for the Post Categories field

2. Proceed to edit the categories while following these rules:

  • No spaces
  • No special characters
  • It's possible to have the first category appear blank on the members drop-down box, add a "," in front of the first category to achieve this.

Note: The allowed characters for Post Categories are letters, numbers, periods and apostrophes.

If this is not an option on the site, please check the Software Updates module, which is located on the Dashboard:

These steps apply for all post types:

  • Article
  • Audio File
  • Classified
  • Coupon
  • Discussion
  • Event
  • Job Opening
  • Photo Album
  • Product
  • Property
  • Video
  • Website - Digital Product
  • Website Blog Article