Cookie Consent Tool


To add a third-party Cookie Consent on the website, please follow the steps below: 

1. Go to this third-party website:

2. On the left side find the Configuration Settings, choose the position, layout, Palette of colors, links, the compliance type, and add custom text. 


3. On the right side, 2 sections with code will become available: 


4. Open a new tab and go to the admin (Do not close the consent page because this code will be copied later). 

Navigate to Settings >> Design Settings >> Custom CSS / HEAD tab. 

5. Copy the first code snippet and paste it into the "Additional HEAD Code" section of the Design Settings. 

6. Then paste the second code snippet in the "Additional Footer Code" section of the Design Settings:

7. It should look like this: 

8. Save the changes and the Cookie Consent Tool will start working on the website.