Guide 10. How to Enable Maps with Google Maps API


In order to use the location search on your site, you will first need to get your own Google Maps API Key and add this to the Admin area of your site.

This will enable Google Maps to work on your domain name. In this article, we will guide you step by step on what you need to accomplish in order to make this great tool work!

  • Before completing this step, you must FIRST connect your live domain name.
    Please See: How To Move A Site To A Live Domain

  • If at some point you get redirected to a blank screen or different page or perhaps you suffer a connection issue; click on this link: and select the "Get Startedbutton once more to continue the process.

Step 1

To get started, visit this link:

Step 2

After clicking on the "Get Started" button... Click on "FINISH ACCOUNT SETUP":

  •  Click on "Try For Free":

  • Fill out your billing information and click "Start Free":


Step 3

Now you will be prompted to answer a set of questions.  Feel free to answer them based on your project:

Step 4

Now you can create the key:

Open the menu:

Go to "APIs & Services > Credentials":

Click on "Create Credentials > API Key":

Copy the API Key:

Step 5 

Adding the restriction type HTTP referrers (web sites) and add your domain as one of your referrers.

Open the Key:

Step 6


Select HTTP referrers (websites) 

For the purposes of this tutorial, let's imagine that the domain of my website will be on is  It is very important that you know what the final domain of your website will be for this step.

Enter the following one at a time to the "Accept requests from these "HTTP referrers (web sites)" field. Press DONE after typing in each domain to add it to the list:

  • * - this is needed if your site is NOT live yet.

  • ** - Important: It is needed in order for your admin pages to work with the maps.

  • - Important: It is needed in order for your admin pages to work with the maps.

  • *  (IMPORTANT: Replace "" with the final domain that YOUR website will be hosted on)
  •  (IMPORTANT: Replace "" with the final domain that YOUR website will be hosted on)

After you have completed the above, you should see the following:

(REMEMBER: You will not see "" in the list.  You will see the final domain of YOUR website in the list instead)

Step 7

Select the option "Don't restrict key" and then click on "Save":

Step 8

Next it is necesary to enable 3 APIs and services, click on: APIs & Services:


The three main APIs that need to be active are:




API Usage

Front EndAPI
Member ProfileMaps Javascript
Detect Visitor Location Add-OnGeocoding
Location SearchesPlaces and Geocoding
Google Search Assist Add-OnGoogle Custom Search (free)

Member DashboardAPI
Contact Details FormMaps, Places and Geocoding
Post FormMaps, Places and Geocoding
Multi-Location Add-OnMaps, Places and Geocoding

Admin DashboardAPI
"Enable All Location Features For "Pretty URL" Search Results Pages" Advanced SettingGeocoding
Geocode MembersGeocoding
Location SearchesPlaces and Geocoding

Step 9

Click Save Changes!

Your Google Maps Javascript API Key is now set up and secured!

NOTE: If after completing this setup succesfully, the Google Maps search by location shows an error message, follow these articles for troubleshooting: