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Emails Not Being Sent Out By BD System

It appears that multiple BD owner's are experiencing issues with emails. Initially my automatic emails were not being sent out to the admin when a new member signed up. Now neither the member or the admin are receiving the automatic welcome emails. This started for me on 11/10/17. Are you any of you experiencing this or other types of email issues? I put in a support ticket on 11/10/17.....


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Just tested Signup and Contact Member, and both generated all the proper emails.

Still experiencing this?


Yes Aaron,

Just tested it again and neither the member nor admin emails are being sent......

Check your spam folder in your email box!!

I have the same issue.  Admin emails not sending

We're also having this issue and we've had a ticket open for over two weeks with no updates.

I was able to create an automated email from our database to send all the signups over the last 24 hours, but this should definitely be fixed immediately.


I was unable to get it corrected through BD support. My custom developer Luis Alvarado had to assist me. You can contact him at Let him know I sent you.......

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