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$_SESSION variable and visitor location

Hi all,

I had some questions about the $_SESSION  php variable that Brilliant Directories employs to track session data. I was wondering what the field names of  that variable are, and if any one of them pertains to the visitor's geo-location. I want to attune some widgets to show data that is relevant to the area in which the visitor is in and was thinking the $_SESSION variable probably holds the key for this.

did you ever get a response, I have asked for a list of the sessions vars as well, but never got anything.


$_SESSION doesn’t appear to be used very heavily by BD. You can see the current values of something like this at anytime by doing something like this:

    print_r( $_SESSION );
This will print the entire variable to the page (so you might want to use a test page, not something everyone will see). It is also a little easier to read when using Vew Source. Atg

Not sure about the session variable, but you could create a widget using Google's Geolocation API to gather visitor location information.

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