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Make the coupon codes to work when upgrading profiles too.

Make the coupon codes to work when upgrading profiles too.

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I thought that this functionality existed on an Add on product I paid for, BD please provide an ETA on this?  Is this coming out by end of year or farther out?

I am on boarding new members with free trials thinking I can get them to supply CC info with an extended free trial (by using a coupon code).  I have to rethink this strategy real quick if this is not going to happen soon (worried to see Patrick Brunelle indicate 5 mos ago that this would be coming out "soon").


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I have been waiting for this feature as well. I have two VIP club add-ons and I'd like to buy 3 more but this feature is missing along with a built-in free trial option. We shouldn't be using coupons at all just to offer free trial periods. Free trial option a very common feature even with the cheapest WordPress directory themes and plugins.

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We want to let you know that coupon codes for member upgrades is #3 on the current list. 

1. Stripe update to protect credit card submissions to remain PCI compliant. 

2. Update to make the admin area of 100% SSL secured

3. Coupon codes working for member upgrades. 

These are the current items being worked on in this order. So we hope to finally have this feature released soon, we thank everyone for your patience.

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Thank you Francella....can you put out some type of notice when this is completed. As there is currently no notification process for updates, except waiting for the monthly change log.  

Thank you...when you say soon, do you have an estimated time for completion? This month? End of year?

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Well....maybe BD is getting closer. The coupon code field appeared on the upgrade checkout page last week, but does not work. The order summary totals don't work either, they just show zeros. I put a support ticket in. Hope we have a few days of offering a holiday coupon for upgrading!?!


I have received multiple emails over the past month from support promising this would be available "end of week" "next week" "by Wednesday".......... very disappointed with the inability to resolve this issue and give BD Owners an easy way to entice our free members to upgrade with a coupon code.  

any update on this


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Any update on this extremely important feature?!?!?!?!?!?

So just got to the end of this thread. Today we purchased the coupon add-on. Curious how to offer coupons to entice Free members to upgrade to Premium. Or even how to offer a coupon to entice Premium members to upgrade to a higher level. Any articles on how to configure coupons? 

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RJ.......this is the major issue/feature BD has not addressed for 10+ months. Coupons can only be used for new members joining, not for a current member upgrading to another level. It is beyond me why it is taking so long for them to add this extremely important and necessary feature........tons of  "coming soon"....."number three on our list" statements, but still nothing.......

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Any update on this feature....can anyone at BD explain why we are waiting 10+ months for this extremely important feature, which should have been included in the initial Coupon Code Add-on?

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