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Sort Photo Album Order

This feature were available earier but was disable now. 

I would need to sort the photo album preview order in my photo album section. 

The drag and sort function is not available now. 

Hi Chaven,

This is still a functionality in the Photo Albums, first upload the images, once you do click on "Photo Display Order":


Please see GIF on how to drag and drop the images:



Hi Francella, 

What our team need is to reorder the photo album instead of photos in the album. For the photo album, we are able to drag and arrange the album order from listing admin view. But when view it in public profile, the latest uploaded album will always show as first album. 

Kindly advice. 



Hi Chaven,

If you want to sort the order of the posts you can do so here:

MEMBERS >> MEMBER FEATURES >> Find the Photo Album and click on Edit


Find the "Search Results Design" tab, scroll down until you find "Order Results By".


These are the options available:


Order Results By / Explained

Default:  It will order the results in the following way:

1) By start date (if that feature has a start date)

2) If the feature does not have a start date or 2 posts have the same start date, they will be ordered next by most recently posted

3) If 2 posts were posted at the exact same time, those 2 posts will be ordered by membership level search priority

4) If 2 posts were posted at the exact same time and have the same search priority, they will then be ordered alphabetically

Advanced - Edit in Search Widget: You will use this option if you want to have more complex ordering rules that you put directly into the code. If you are looking for to have a completely different sorting than the ones offered in this section you will need assistance from a developer.

Random: If you select this option, every time that you load or refresh your results page you'll get different arrangement in your feature results.

Title Alphabetical (A-Z) / Title Alphabetical (Z-A): These options will arrange your results alphabetically.

Date Posted (Most Recent First) / Date Posted (Most Recent Last)These options will arrange your results when your members select publish "Yes".

Price (Lowest to Highest) - If Applicable / Price (Highest to Lowest) - If Applicable: These options will be used only when the feature has a price field.

Group Id (Largest to Smallest) / Group Id (Smallest to Largest): These options will take in consideration the ID of the feature, when it was created.

Is there a way for us to freely rearrange the photo albums?

Is there a way to automatically randomize the streaming featured members widget every time the main page loads?

Hi Panpages,

Is there a way for us to freely rearrange the photo albums?

For the /photo-albums results you will need to customize the feature to show them in the order that you want.


Hi Michael,

In order to add featured members on the system, you need to add a numeric value clicking on Quick Edit, because of this code query you'll need to customize the streaming widget to randomize the members.


is it just by code or is the option already in there?

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