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How Are Feature Suggestions Approved?

Our team is continually working on making Brilliant Directories more awesome each day! We make sure to take all of the suggestions seriously when deciding on which feature update suggestion to roll out next.

As a software company which follows agile development principles, we are continuously prioritizing these updates to the software based on the overall impact each update will have on the user base as a whole.

The items that will provide the most users with the most benefit are always prioritized first, and this prioritization is fluid so we can ensure that we are making the most impactful improvements to the software at all times.

Please understand that because of this, it can be difficult to provide an exact timeframe when the next feature to any particular area of the software will be completed, but our development team is focused on releasing these important updates as quickly and effectively as possible to insure the long term stability of your website.


Please understand that while we do appreciate all suggestions, they will not always be approved or the time-frame to launch a new feature may take longer than your personal goals and needs.

For this we recommend hiring a 3rd party developer to work on your request if needed. There are several places we recommend finding developers to help you with your personal development goals and needs: