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Changelog - April 2015

New Features

  • Added Optional Google Recaptcha to the Securemypayment site. This will offer site owners another defensive wall for Spam accounts and the like.
  • Re-crop button added to the Profile Image Upload (For already uploaded images)
  • Delete all location button added to the service areas (Profile Settings)
  • Enhanced JPG, PNG and GIF image upload

Enhancements / Fixes

  • Enhanced the Time Zone option in the General Settings to be more User Friendly (Configuration Tab)
  • Add Validation and format to upload photo fields in website appearance, profile photos, company uploads, member uploads and others where files are uploaded
  • Fixed Total article count problem (Thanks to Christopher)
  • Fixed several space related issues with Forms
  • Fixed several issues with uploading PNG and GIF images
  • Improve Auto-suggest for Locations
  • Many Bugs Fixed...