When talking about sidebars, there are a several questions that are asked since the Brilliant Directories platform offers many options about them:

  • Do I want the sidebar to appear for specific Membership Levels
  • Do I want the sidebar to appear on specific pages
  • Do I want the sidebar to appear for specific members
  • Do I want the sidebar to appear for specific members on specific pages with specific membership levels
  • Why is my sidebar not showing for specific members or pages
  • And so on...

To have your cake and eat it too, I will be providing you with the tools needed to accomplish this.


The system offers 2 options to simply type the name of the sidebar you wish to use and be done. This are the Membership Levels and Membership Features.

Membership Level Sidebar Option

This option will tell the system what type of sidebar to use depending on the Membership Level your members have, so premium members could see or not see a specific sidebar while other levels could see another. To use this option, on your backend dashboard go to Members -> Membership Levels.

Here we click on the Edit Settings button on the Membership Level we wish to change:

Now scroll down to the bottom and look for the Profile Page Sidebar option. We can type the name of an existing sidebar we would like to use (eg: "Default Single Sidebar").

As you have noticed from the image above, we can also set the Signup Page Sidebar the members from this membership level could see.

Membership Feature Sidebar Option

For Membership Features we have 2 options which can be found either in the Search Results Settings Section or in the Detail Page Settings Section. To get here, we go in our backend dashboard to Members -> Membership Features and click on the Edit button for the particular feature we wish to edit.

After the feature we wish to edit is opened (eg: Listing, Photo Album, Articles...) we can scroll down until we get to the Section we want to change, which can be either the Detail Page Settings or the Search Result Settings sections.

Detail Page Settings Sections

Search Results Settings Section

To find out which Sidebar names you can use, simply go to Toolbox -> Sidebar Manager where you'll be able to see all created Sidebars at your disposal.