It’s very easy to stream content on your homepage. Remember that you can display any widget on any page by using this format:

[widget=the widget name]

We have created easy widgets that you can use on your homepage to stream content such as coupons, events, photos, and any other features your directory plan comes with. Here’s a little cheat sheet of the widgets you can use that will stream content on your homepage:

[widget=Streaming - Newest Members]
[widget=Streaming - Events]
[widget=Streaming - Coupons]
[widget=Streaming - Videos]
[widget=Streaming - Jobs]
[widget=Streaming - Photos]
[widget=Streaming - Properties]
[widget=Streaming - Classifieds]
[widget=Streaming - Products]

Here is an example on adding Streaming Events to a Homepage: 

Streaming Widgets with Sidebar: 

We also have a set of widgets that will allow you to stream features on your homepage on List View and with a sidebar.

This are the widget names:
[widget=Streaming - Products w/ Sidebar]
[widget=Streaming - Properties w/ Sidebar]
[widget=Streaming - Classifieds w/ Sidebar]
[widget=Streaming - Photos w/ Sidebar]
[widget=Streaming - Events w/ Sidebar]
[widget=Streaming - Coupon w/ Sidebar]
[widget=Streaming - Job w/ Sidebar]

To add these widgets please use the same process. 

For example: The widget: "Streaming - Photos w/ Sidebar" will look like this: 

As you can see the streaming photos will be in the left side and the sidebar in the right side.