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Member Management Essentials

Editing Member Listings

Part 1 - Member Search Introduction

In this video we cover the basic elements of the Member Search Feature available in the admin. Some of the features covered include:

Part 2 - Editing Member Account Details in the Admin

In this video we cover how to edit the membership level of a member, change the status, add custom SEO, and more.

Setting Up Membership Levels

Part 1 - Free, Paid and Claim

In this video we'll go over the three membership level types, Free Listings, Paid Listings, and Claim Listings

Part 2  - Paid Membership Level Options

In this video we show you the different options available to you when setting up a paid membership level.

Part 3 - Adding A Membership Level To Your Pricing Page

In this video we'll teach you how to add a new membership level to your pricing page!

Part 4 - Activating Member Features To Membership Levels

In this video we'll show you how to activate specific membership features to specific membership levels.

Part 5 - Verifying Members

Here is a quick video that covers two possible causes of why your members are not receiving verification emails.

Managing Your Website’s Contact Form Inquiries

Part 1 - The three most common types of inquiries and how to respond to each

In this video we cover three common types of messages you can expect to receive. It's important to check on these frequently and make sure that excellent opportunities are not lost to upsell members to a premium membership level.

Part 2 - Editing Your Contact Form

In this video we cover how to edit the contact form on your website.

Importing Members and Categories

Part 1 - Essential Fields Required for Importing Members

I cover the core field labels that must be included for a successful Brilliant Directories import.

Part 2- Importing Categories

In this video I will cover the steps to setup your CSV file properly in order to import categories into the system.

Part 3 - Importing Tricks - Adding Zeros to Zip-Codes

One of the most common errors during import is importing zip codes that only have three or four digits. In order to properly geocode a listing, a proper five digit zip code is required by the Brilliant Directories Platform.

Member Billing

Part 1 - Member Billing Basics 

Learn how to upgrade members, create new billing subscriptions, cancel payment subscriptions, past-due members, invalid credit cards, one-time payment fees.

Part 2 - How To Charge One Time Fees To Members

Learn how to bill your members for secondary services such as banner ads, marketing services, or one-time fees.

Matching Leads to your Members

Part 1 - Leads Management Platform Training

Sit in on an internal training on how the leads system works using Brilliant Directories. Topics covered include:

  • Lead Settings
  • Manually matching leads vs. Auto Deliver with Message Preview
  • Open Bidding Leads
  • Sent to a paying member
  • Bad lead or Intended for a specific member
  • Good fit to match to additional members

Part 2 - Leads Management Platform Training

Sit in on an internal training on the Brilliant Directories Leads System. In this video we'll cover the following topics:

  • What does an accepted lead look like for members
  • Re-sending leads that have not been accepted
  • Upselling members that have accepted leads
  • Upselling members that did not accept the lead in time
  • How to make sure members with emails show up first

Part 3 - Manually Matching Leads vs. Auto-Delivering Leads

In this video we cover the three settings available to you with regards to leads-management.

Part 4 - What is Open Bidding?

In this video we cover the all important Open Bidding setting tied to the lead management platform.

Part 5 - Matching Open Bidding Leads

Brilliant Directories - Matching Open Bidding Leads

Marketing Videos

Setting Up an Email Marketing Campaign

Part 1 - Exporting Your Member Data for Email Campaigns

Part 2 - Segmenting Your List by Membership Level

In this video I segment my email list by membership level in order to exclusively have Claim Listing members.

Part 3 - Assigning a Profile Link to Each Member

In this video we learn how to assign a profile link for each of the members in your database.

Part 4 - How to Prepare your CSV File for a MailChimp Import

In this video we cover the steps required for preparing your CSV file for a Mailchimp Contact Import.

Part 5 - Importing Brilliant Directories Members into MailChimp for an Email Campaign

In this video we cover the steps needed to import your members into mailchimp for an email marketing campaign.

Part 6 - How to Setup Merge Tags with MailChimp

I tackle what how Merge Tags work using MailChimp for your Brilliant Directories Claim your Listing Email Campaigns

Promoting Your Member Posts Using Facebook

Part 1 - Sharing Your Member Posts on Facebook

In this video we go over the steps needed to advertise your members' posts on your Facebook profile page.

Part 2 - How to Boost a Member’s Facebook Post

Part 3 - Setting Up a Facebook Campaign

In this video I outline the necessary steps for setting up a facebook campaign to promote one of your member's special offers

Tips and Resources

Part 1 - Setting Up Google Apps and Gmail for your Domain

Learn how to setup gmail for your website when your site is running the Brilliant Directories platform.

Part 2 - Using Fiverr for Logo, Banner and Website Designs

In this video we quickly go over one of the most recommended service we provide our partners -

Sales Strategy Videos

Sales Strategy and Tips Series

Part 1 - Sales Tips and Strategies

In this video we go over the strategy of showing members how you can drive more leads to them if they are premium members on your site.

Part 2 - Sales Tips and Strategies

In this video we cover how you can guarantee more leads to premium members by matching your free member leads to them.

Part 3 - The Power Of Knowing Your Pricing Sweet Spot

In this video we cover how to find the sweet spot in terms of pricing for your membership levels. We also show you how to include this in your sales pitch.

Part 4 - Creating a Member Benefit Landing Page

We show you a quick trick to copy over a page that is almost pixel perfect for any directory platform. This landing page is perfect for the sales process.

Website Management Videos

Editing Forms

Part 1 - Editing Form Field Labels

Learn about the various Field Labels available to you in the Forms Editor.

Part 2 - How to add or remove required fields from you Forms

In this video I show you how to make the company fields mandatory on the Contact Details form.

Part 3 - Form Field Types - Adding a calendar, texterea big box, Checkbox and Radio Options

In this video we learn how to add a calendar to your form via the Forms Manager. We also cover Texteria Big Box, Checkboxes where members can select more than one, and Radio Options where members can only select one option.

Part 4 - Adding a WYSIWYG Editor to your Forms

In this video we cover the three steps to adding a WYSIWYG editor to any one of your forms.

Backing Up Your Site

Part 1 - Generating a Backup of your Site

In this video we cover how to generate a complete backup of your site.

Part 2 - Downloading a copy of your backup

In this video we will cover the steps necessary to download a copy of your full backup.

Database Training

Part 1 - Basic Database Training

Basic Database Training

Advanced Website Edits

Editing Membership Features

Part 1 - Editing Member Features Overview

We present a quick overview on Member Features that are included with Brilliant Directories. Take a quick 1 minute tour on all of the options available to you before getting down to the details in the rest of this series.


Part 2 - How to Edit Membership Features Such As Coupons, Classifieds and Videos

In this video we cover the basics on editing Member Features, such as:

  • Editing Feature Name 
  • URL Permalink 
  • Type of Data 
  • Image Icon URL 
  • Form to Use 
  • Member Limit Notification 
  • And More!            

Part 3 - Editing The Profile Page Layout For Features  

In this video we learn how to edit the Profile Layout of Membership Features. Find out how to change the tab name, rearrange the order of your tabs, as well as make changes to the layout of the feature itself!

Part 4 - Editing the Member Features Search Results Page  

In this video we cover how to make changes to the layout of the Search Result pages for features such as Events, Coupons, and Classifieds