To add a commenting system to your site (Disqus being the best one) we need to do the following:

1. Create a Disqus Account at

2. Follow all the steps on the Disqus site setup until we get to the page about Adding Disqus to a Site. For me it was in the Gear icon on the Disqus site as seen in the image below:


3. After clicking on the Add Disqus To Site link, you should be taken to a form where you can add your sites name (Not URL, just a general name to represent your site on the Disqus platform) and what the site is used for (Disqus Category).

4. After finishing the form and accepting you should now see see several platforms that can be used to integrate Disqus with your site, for our specific case we will select the first one called Universal Code, which is the one we need (As seen on the image below) for the commenting system to work. Click on it and a script code should be shown. Copy the whole script code. Up to here we are done with the Disqus site. We will now proceed to your BD site.

5. Depending on where you want to show the Disqus Commenting System is where you would put the code into place. If you are planning on adding Disqus to any of the Membership Features, then skip Step 5 and jump to step 6. In this example, for my case, Ninja BD is a new testing site I am using as of right now for the purpose of doing my own testing without doing it on your site. If you click on the link you will see the Disqus Commenting System integrating perfectly with the BD system. I selected to show the Disqus on all Articles, so I went on my Backend Dashboard to Members -> Membership Features. Then selected Articles and clicked on Edit. From there go to the Details Page Settings section at the bottom and on the Page Layout text area (There could be some code there already), at the end of this code, paste the Disqus script code from the Disqus site. Save it and that's it.


6. The example mentioned above on step 5 is for other parts of the system that are not in the Membership Features. If the part of your system you wish to add the Disqus Commenting system is a Membership Features, then there is no need to add it on the specific place I mentioned on Step 5. All Membership Features offer an option at the end called Commenting Code. This is the option where you would paste the code you got from Disqus, Facebook or any other Social commenting system. It will automatically integrate with the BD system. In the following link you can see an Event using the Commenting code by simply adding the corresponding Disqus code to the Commenting Code box. Now, it is important to know that the commenting system will ONLY WORK if the membership feature offers an option for members and non-members to see the feature. So for example, implementing the commenting system on the Listing feature does not make sense and will not work, but implementing it on the Articles, events or even the Photo album will work.

With this, you now have a fully functional Disqus system for all of your Articles. You can keep on pasting the Disqus code anywhere on your site to enable it on that particular part of the site.

To manage all Disqus comments, you can do that from your Disqus Admin panel on the Disqus Site.