After adding a field to a form, in this case, to the Listing Contact Form, we can show and use that field on the Members Profile by following this steps on your Admin Panel's Dashboard:

1. Go to Members -> Membership Features

2. Click the Edit button on the Listing Feature

3. Scroll down to the Search Result Settings Section

4. On this section, go to the Page Loop Text Area

5. Using HTML add an additional <tr></tr> Tag to your Listing Contact Table. Inside this <tr></tr> tag you can add the additional field. An example is the following code:


		<a href="/<?=$user_data[filename]?>">
			<span class="ProName"><?=$user_data[profession_name]?></span>


In this example we have a <tr></tr> HTML element that pulls in the variables filename and profession_name form the user_data Array. Users will be able to see a link to a file and a text mentioning the specific profession name for it.