On your Admin Panel Dashboard:

1. Go to Toolbox -> Form Manager

2. Click on the Form you wish to add a field to (eg: Listing - Details)

3. Click on "Add New Field+" button

4. A new field box will be created at the top of the Form List. Add the values you need to it.

5. Drag the new field down to the position you wish to show it at.

6. Save the Form by either pressing the <CTRL>+S shortcut or clicking on the Save Changes button.

You now have an additional Field on the selected Form. Some recommendations when Adding a new field are:

  • Remember to add a variable name to the field if you wish to store and query information from it
  • Remember to select which type of variable it is.
  • If you wish to customize it's look, always add a Class value to it.
  • If the customization is unique to this field, add an ID instead of a class to it.
  • Remember to position the field in the order you wish to see it (eg: Above or below another field)