This may be one of the most valuable features the platform offers. 

How does the "Accept Message" feature work for leads?

Our platform tracks which members accept leads, and which ones do not. This is the only way a website administrator can make sure that users of the site are receiving messages from your members. 

If a user submits a requests, and never hears from anyone, this will be a poor user experience, and they may not visit your site again. 

So how exactly does this work? Here are these examples that require further action from the website administrator:

Joe M George - This lead has been matched to six members. The zero indicates no members have accepted the lead. We recommend matching this lead to additional members, and possibly following up with the user of your site to let them know you are working hard to connect them with a provider nearby. 

Jonathan Watson - This lead has been matched to the member that was directly contacted. Depending on the lead message, you may want to match this lead to additional members on your site. 

Alysha Dahhan - She tried to contact member BLN Ocran. The 0/0 indicates that you have not manually matched this lead to the member. Since Open Bidding is selected, we recommend matching this lead to additional members. 

If you auto-deliver messages with the full contact details and do not require members to "Accept Message", then you will lose out on this crucial reporting.