The membership levels are not tied to the payment subscriptions. When a paid member signs up on your site, this begins a payment subscription that is recurring in most cases. This means their credit card will continue to be charged unless you cancel their subscription.

If you upgrade a member to a higher membership level, and do not want the billing to be impacted, there is nothing to do.

Do not cancel or delete the listing. You only need to cancel the payment subscription. Here are the steps to complete this:


2. Search for the member you would like to update

3. Click on "Transactions"

4. Select “Subscriptions”

5. Cancel Active Subscription

Once you’ve canceled the subscription, and would like to start a new subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “New Subscription”

  2. Fill out the form to match the level you are upgrading the member to. You can edit the date to start billing, the amount to be billed each month or year, or even add a one-time fee.

3. Click on “Save Changes”

4. This will close the pop-up box. It is very important that you click on “Start Subscription” If you do not start the subscription, the card will not be billed.