By default, all sites are set to have leads "Manually Matched" to members, meaning a site"s Administrator / Operator must view the lead in the Admin area and then manually match the lead to a member or members that can best service the lead.If you would like to change this setting so new leads that come in through a member"s profile are automatically sent to that member, please follow these steps:
  1. Login to the Admin Area of your site
  2. Click on "Settings" in the top main menu

  3. Click on the "Configuration" tab:

  4. Update the "Member Profile Messages" field:lead
 Here is a more detailed explanation of what each setting will do:

Require Manual Matching 

Setting leads to "Manual Matching" is typically recommended if you are selling leads and want to insure that all leads that your members are receiving are of high quality. If a member buys a lead that is not manually verified by an Administrator of your site before being matched to the member, the member may receive a lead that is of low quality and they may be deterred from buying leads in the future. However, if all leads are manually verified by an Administrator before being matched, the Administrator can insure a certain quality threshold is met before the lead is passed on.

Auto deliver to members but only show message preview

This setting will send all of the content of a lead to a member via email (and all of the content of the lead will be viewable in the member dashboard), but the member will have to click on the "Accept Lead" button either in the email or in their member dashboard in order to view the contact details of the lead (name, phone number, email, etc).This setting is recommended if your leads are priced very low for your market or you are not worried about members receiving low quality leads or being deterred from purchasing them in the future and you do not want to invest the time of a manager to manually verify all leads before they are matched to the intended member. This is also the recommended setting if you are not selling leads (leads are matched to members for free) and you want to keep track of which members are accepting and responding to the leads they are receiving.

Auto deliver to members with full message and contact details

This setting will send the full content of the lead + contact details of the lead directly to the member"s email address and all of the lead content and contact details will be viewable from the member dashboard without the member clicking on the "Accept Lead" button.This setting is recommended if your members receive leads for free, and they need to receive the entire lead details directly to their inbox without manually accepting the lead.