Creating an XML sitemap is a great way to announce your site to search engines and have them quickly have access to all of the pages of your site.  Since this is an important tool for SEO, we created a Sitemap Generator that allows you to quickly and easily generate an XML sitemap for all of the pages of your site.

Create the sitemap file

  1. Login to the Admin area of your site
  2. Navigate to Toolbox >> Sitemap Generator
  3. Click on the "Generate Sitemap!" button
  4. You will see a message that a sitemap is being generated.  Depending on the size of your site and how many members you have, this could take anywhere from less than a second to a couple of minutes to complete.  Please do not navigate away from this page while it is processing.
  5. Once it completes, you will see a success message that provides you with the URL of your XML sitemap.  This is the URL that you submit to search engines like Google and Bing.

How to submit your sitemap to the search engines

Example of how a sitemap is generated

About the sitemap file that is generated

As of the writing of this article, search engines generally allow up to 50,000 URLs to be in a single sitemap file.  However, since many sites on the platform can have many more than 50,000 URLs, we have to create what is called a "sitemap index file" in order to submit these large quantities of URLs in a sitemap all at once.  For more information, please see this article from Google on the topic.