The software comes with several banner ad widgets that have Google Adsense code already filled in for them.  To have these display your own Google Adsense ads, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate your live site to locate the existing banner you wish to use your own Google Adsense code for
  2. Identify which widget is displaying the banner ad and edit it.  
  3. Delete all of the code in the "Widget Code" area except for the first and last lines
  4. Paste your Google Adsense code where the old code used to be
  5. Save the widget

Example of Editing the "Banner Ad - 970x90" Widget

  1. Identify the widget that is displaying the banner ad I want to edit.  By following these instructions, I can see that this banner is inside the "Banner Ad - 970x90" widget:

  2. Click on the "Banner Ad - 970x90 button to edit the widget

  3. Delete all of the existing code EXCEPT for the first and last lines:

  4. After deleting this code, this is what will be left:

  5. Paste your Google Adsense code to replace the deleted code:

Here is a list of the pre-existing banner ad widgets that you can edit and use:

      • Banner Ad - 320x50
      • Banner Ad - 300x600
      • Banner Ad - 250x250
      • Banner Ad - 300x250
      • Banner Ad - 180x150
      • Banner Ad - 970x90
      • Banner Ad - 468x60