Contact lists are used to create custom groups of email addresses that you would like to send email campaigns to. To create a contact list and add members to existing contact lists, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Admin area of your site

  2. Navigate to Contacts >> Import Contact List

  3. To import the contacts into an existing Contact List you have already created, select your Contact List from the “Select list to import contacts into:” dropdown field

  4. To create a new Contact List, do the following:

    1. Click on the “Create New List” link

    2. Fill out as many fields as you can (List Name is the only required field, but the other fields can help you organize your lists if you plan on having multiple)

    3. Click on the “Save List” button

  5. Import contacts using one of the following options:

    1. Option A: Import via CSV File

      1. Create a new spreadsheet (Excel, etc) on your computer

      2. Enter the text “name” (without quotes) into column A, row 1 of the spreadsheet

      3. Enter the text “email” (without quotes) into column B, row 1

      4. Starting in column A, row 2, enter all of the names of the contacts you wish to import into new rows under column A

      5. In column B, row 2, enter the email address the corresponds with the name entered in column A, row 2

      6. In column B, continue entering all of the emails which match the name entered into column A

      7. Save this file as a CSV file on your computer

      8. Navigate back to the Import Contacts page in your Admin area

      9. Under Option A, click on the “Choose File” button

      10. Select the CSV file you saved above from your computer

      11. Click on the “Upload Contacts Now” button

    2. Option B: Import contact via address book

      1. If you wish to import all of the contacts from an existing address book (Gmail, AOL, Outlook, etc), simply click on the icon that represents the platform you wish to import contacts from and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the import

      2. If you have all of the email addresses you wish to import in a line-separated, or comma-separated list, simply paste the list into the “or Add Emails Manually Below” field and click on the “Upload Contacts Now” button