As you begin to sell membership subscriptions, the situation will likely arise where you need to complete a refund. 


Important:Please read the following disclaimer. Brilliant Directories does not provide documentation on the various payment gateways. Please contact your payment gateway provider to find out if your account will encounter any of the following items:

  • Delayed refunds ( transactions can only be refunded once they have cleared, which is generally one day after the transaction was processed)


If you change the payment gateway (from Paypal Pro to for example), refunds will not be processed. You must refund using the same payment gateway that made the initial charge.

Part 1 - Creating An Order

  1. Login to the Admin area of your site
  2. Click on "Members"
  3. Search for the member you wish to create a new order for:

  4. Once the member is found, click on "Payment History" in the "Actions" menu:

  5. Click on the "New Order" button:

  6. If the member does not yet have a credit card on file, you will be notified here and given the option to add credit card details for the member:

    If the member does not yet have a credit card on file, this will also be indicated by the red credit card icon here:

    After adding a credit card for the member, this icon will turn green:

  7. Select which membership level you would like to charge for from the dropdown.  You can choose to charge a custom amount, but creating a new order always starts with choosing a membership level to start from.  This does not impact the membership level of the member, this selection is for billing purposes only:

    Once a Membership Level has been selected, an Order Summary will appear to the right:

    This summary will automatically update to reflect the selections on the left.

  8. Choose a billing cycle from the dropdown:

  9. If you would like to change the price of the order to a custom amount, enter the amount in the Price Override field:

  10. Choose the date you would like the order to begin here.  The default will be today's date:

  11. Once the order is setup as you would like it, click on the "Save New Order" button:

  12. If the "Start Billing Date" for the order is today or any day in the past, the system will attempt to collect payment immediately.  If it is set for a future date, it will attempt to collect payment on that date.  In this example, we started the order today, so the confirmation page will show that the invoice generated for this order has been paid:

    On the Order Confirmation page you will also find other useful information such as the Membership Level that was charged for, the Billing Cycle, and which Payment Gateway was used.

Part 2 - Stopping An Order

Please note that an order can only be stopped if you are using the same payment gateway that originally started that order. 

  1. Search for the member you would like to stop an order for. 

  2. Click on "Transactions" for the member

  3. Only Orders that still have recurring billing activated will show the option to "stop" an Order:

  4. Find the Order you would like to cancel and click on "Stop".

  5. Click on "Yes, Stop Order" if you wish to proceed to stop the Order:

  6. The system will confirm that the order was cancelled: