To edit the image that you want to be displayed on Facebook (or any other social media site) when someone shares your homepage or any other static page on your site, please follow these instructions:


1.Edit the page you wish to focus on:


i.e Homepage:


Or you can also access this page or any static page here: (Click Edit)

2.Scroll down until you find the area for Social Media Sharing Details, you can add the image of your preference in this area:


  • As you can see, there are no spaces, special characters or even capital letters in the image name.Thanks to this you can avoid many of the issues that happen on any site that uses an image.
  • The minimum size of the image that Facebook requires for posting is 200px by 200px. 

3.Once you save the page you can go to Facebook and share your page!.

Finally, only if needed:


Facebook has it's own development tool for reading your webpage, in some cases you will need to manually let Facebook know these changes, if this is the case, then please visit the Facebook Development Tool through this link: