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Make the coupon codes to work when upgrading profiles too.

Make the coupon codes to work when upgrading profiles too.

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This is imperative and whilst the coupon codes are awesome, it is necessary for basic members to be teased with an upgrade coupon code. This is something that should have been added at the beginning.

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Also i believe that each code should be able to be attributed to a particular level.

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Here's what I hope the coupon code will do in the near future:

1. Enable coupon codes for membership upgrades
2. A different coupon code for each payment option: monthly, semi-annually and yearly payment
3. An option to prominently display that a BD site is offering coupon codes without touching code. The header, pricing menu pages and sign up pages are good places to promote coupon codes.

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This would be great, can email free members and offer a great discount to upgrade, then at least directory owners can attempt to gain some income from people who don't typically plan of paying,


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We have started working on this update and hope to have it completed soon. We are also working on the ability to control whether or not the coupon code shows for specific levels:


We will make an announcement in the announcement section the moment this new functionality has been released. Thanks for the great feedback. 

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while you are working on this can you also work on the ability to limit the amount of times a coupon can be used by one person! as well as the number of times it can be used in general?

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Really need this update as soon as possible. We have over 500 Free members we want to entice to upgrade to paid membership levels. Offering them a coupon code discount will be a great way to convert a good number of these Free members.

I would think that any BD owner that has a large number of Free members really needs this option. 

Additionally,  when a member does select the upgrade button, they are brought to the upgrade page and the default upgrade is the least expensive option. The highest priced option should be the default.

Thank you!

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Any updates on when this will be released?

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Jason, much longer for this update? It is really needed!

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I hope BD puts a priority on this. 

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Yes, this is super important and we have been waiting for it for sometime.  Lots of missed opportunities to upgrade free to paid memberships and have to now deleted the customers current profile for them to be able to sign up again using a coupon code.  It makes us look ridiculous and the work around is not efficient, please make this a priority.

Also when you do this please make the coupon code field available on the new payments module since there is no way to apply a coupon to that screen either if you want to give people a discount on the next year.

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Yes, we are all in the same boat unfortunately. Lots of missed opportunities, but i am sure the guys will have it done soon.

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Please give us an eta on the coupon code module.  And please ask us for feedback before you roll it out since the code code field should be available through the system on every payment screen.  If you change the upgrade screen please change the additional payment screens.

Thank you

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Can you lrovide an update on this please?

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