If you feel your site is slow sometimes, here we offer several recommendations to optimize your site for fast loading times and performance:

  1. If you have uploaded images to your site, check their size, in many cases, huge images have a very bad loading time impact on your site. Making sure that your homepage image, slideshow images, member profile image, member company image, default image and any other type of images are as small in size as possible to give you an advantage and help when loading the page for your member.

  2. Tools like http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ and https://gtmetrix.com/ are a GREAT way of benchmarking your site and giving you insight on what could possibly be done to optimize your loading time.

  3. Check if there are CSS or JS files that do not exist or have coding issues with them. This could create loading time issues apart from having an impact on how the site looks.

  4. If you have customized widgets, make sure they do as little calls to your database and any other external resources as possible (eg: XML file processing, MySQL queries, etc...)

  5. Check your cPanel for any errors about configuration settings for your site. Sometimes a wrong .htaccess, wrong php file or website setting can cause this issues.

  6. Check routing information from your client computer (The computer you are using) to the server. In many cases, the issue is not with your computer or the server, but something routing server in between. This is more evident when the ping or latency time on this routing server is very high (high traffic) which would cause the server and your client to send and receive all responses slower than usual.

With this steps, you should be able to solve any issues related to server connectivity, loading time and even performance.