Two of the most talked about points related to Streaming Widgets is how they are related to Membership Features and how to customize them. In the following table, we illustrate how they relate directly to each membership feature and then how we can customize the streaming widgets based on this relation:


Streaming - Articles

Streams Articles from Members Articles

Streaming - Classifieds

Streams Classified Ads from Members Classifieds

Streaming - Coupons

Streams Coupons from Members Coupons

Streaming - Events

Streams Member Events Events

Streaming - Jobs

Streams Member Job Offers Job Posting

Streaming - Photos

Streams Member Photos or Photo Albums Photo Album

Streaming - Products

Streams Member Products Products

Streaming - Properties

Streams Member Properties Property

Streaming - Videos

Streams Member Videos Videos

Streaming Widgets can be used by calling the Widget with the following code on any page of your site:


For example, if we wished to call the Streaming - Events widget on the home page, we would go to Content -> Add/Edit Web Pages and click on the Home Webpage. Then anywhere on the page we would add the following code:

[widget=Streaming - Events]

This would call the Streaming Events widget on our home page and populate it with any events our members have created. Streaming Widgets can populate the items they show by searching for the Membership Name and Data Type that membership uses. Based on this, they know how to feed in items such as Articles, Photos, Products and Events. This is good to know for cases like the following:

A partner wants to create a new membership feature, let's call it "Moments", based on the Membership Feature Photo Album

He would go in the backend dashboard to Members -> Membership Features and click on the Copy button for the Membership Feature Photo Album. After copying the Membership Feature and renaming it to "Moments" (Apart from changing any other settings and saving), the partner would only need to go to the Widget Manager, search for the Streaming - Photos widget, which, as mentioned on the table above, it is the one that relates to the Membership Feature Photo Album we are using here. Then he would click on the customize button and edit the widget. On the 2nd line that reads:

$featureName = 'photo';

he would change it to: 

$featureName = 'moments';

and he can also change other options mentioned below. With this, the partner has now created a customized streaming widget for their new membership feature that feeds from their Membership Feature Moments. The new streaming widget after adding it to the home page or any other page on the partner's site, would pull information from any member that was using this particular membership feature and would show the photos related to it in a streaming way. It is important to know that this new membership feature would need to be activated in the Membership Levels that will use it, in order for the members on that particular membership level to see it and start adding photos to it for their special "moments".

Streaming Widget Options

The Streaming Widgets mentioned in the table above offer the following options inside their code (First 3 lines):

$featureName - This is the name or part of the name of the Membership Feature the Streaming Widget will be associated with. If you wanted the Streaming Widget to be associated with the "Photo Albums" Membership feature, you could set this variable to values like Photo, Album, Albums, Photo Albums...

$onlyActiveMembers - This option allows the Streaming Widget to only fetch information from Active Members. If TRUE, it will only fetch information from active members. If FALSE, it will fetch information from all members that have information related to the membership feature used for this Streaming Widget.

$sortingOrder - This option allows the results from the Streaming Widget to be sorted in an ascending order (ASC) or descending order (DESC). 

$streamName - This option sets the title name used by the Streaming Widget when shown on the page.


In the following image we can see a Streaming Widget that is used for the Membership Feature Articles (By looking at the value of $featureName variable) and that it only supports Active Members (By looking at the value of the $onlyActiveMembers variable). The title name of the Streaming Widget is "New Articles" (Set by the $streamName) and the sorting order is set to a Descending Order by the value of $sortingOrder.