1. Please visit your site as admin. 

2. Then click on "Edit this page"

3. In the right sidebar you'll find option: "Slideshow", please paste the widget: "Slideshow Images - Group 1"  and click on "Save this page".

4. Then go back to the admin and navigate to Toolbox >> Widget Manager 

5. Type the name of the widget and click on "Search now" and click on "Edit". 

6. You need to modify lines 2, 3 and 4 in the widget code. 

For example:  

<div><img src="/images/slide1.jpg" /></div>

This means that the image in under the folder called: "Images" and the first image name is: "slide1.jpg".

7. To Change the slider images, please open a new tab and go to the admin and navigate to Toolbox >> File Manager.

8. Then double click on the folder "Images"

9. Click on "Upload" (At the top) and upload the images you want.

For example if you want to upload 3 images, I'll recommend you to use easy names such as:

slide1.jpg or slide1.png

slide2.jpg or slide2.png

slide3.jpg or slide3.png 



*Please copy the name  and the format of the images you already uploaded (slide1.jpg)

*The dimension of the images should be: 1349px X 665px.

10. After you uploaded the images please go back to the widget: "Slideshow Images - Group 1"  and change the name of the images. 

For example:

<div class="homeslider">

<div><img src="/images/slide1.jpg" /></div>

<div><img src="/images/slide2.jpg" /></div>

<div><img src="/images/slide3.jpg" /></div>


11. Then click on "Save Changes". 

Go to your homepage and you'll see your new slider.