There are two ways that your members can update their credit card information. 

Instructions to send to your members on how they can manually update their credit card information:

1. Log in to your account. 

2. In your member dashboard, click on "Billing Details" under the "Account" section:

3. Click on "Add Credit Card" or "Update Credit Card":

4. Fill out the Credit Card information form:

5. Once you've successfully updated your credit card information, email us in order for us to update your account. 

Instructions on how to send the "Update Your Credit Card" template email to your Past-Due members

1. Log in to the Admin of your website.

2. Click on "Members".

3. Locate the member you would like to send the "Update Credit Card" email to.

4. Click on email:

5. Select the "Billing Error" template:

6. Update the email as you see fit. Each situation may require a slight change of language. 

7. Click on "Send Email".