If you are trying to test the credit card processing system and you card is being declined, or if you have a member that is attempting to sign up for your site, but their credit card is being declined, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the card is not expired or has been reported as stolen.
  2. Double check to see that the correct name and billing address associated with the card are being used during checkout.
  3. Contact PayPal (the default payment processor) to see if they have a block on the card related to a previous transaction using the card or a PayPal account associated with the card.  Please call PayPal toll-free at 888-221-1161, give them the credit card number, and let them know that you are attempting to process a transaction with this card and it is being declined.  Ask them if they have any sort of block on the credit card number and resolve any issues that they may have with it before attempting the transaction again.
  4. The bank that issued the card may have a block on it.  If PayPal indicates that there are no restrictions on the credit card, please try contacting the bank who issued the card to see if they are seeing the transaction come through on their end, if they have a block on the card, or are otherwise denying the transaction for some reason.
  5. If you are still having trouble processing a transaction on the card after attempting the steps above to resolve it, please send us an email to support@brilliantdirectories.com and let us know you continue to have difficulty processing the transaction.