To edit the CSS of an existing page (the content between the header and footer), please do the following:

  1. Log in to the Admin area of your site
  2. Click on Content -> Add/Edit Webpages in the side navigation menu
  3. Locate the page you wish to edit
  4. Click on the Edit link in the box of the page you wish to edit
  5. Here you will find an area labeled "Customize Page Level CSS Styles"
  6. Add the CSS you would like to use to override the default CSS rules for this page to this area
  7. Click the “Save This Page” button to save the edits

Static pages of you site include the following:

  • Home Page (/home)
  • Upgrade Page (/account/upgrade)
  • Verify Page (/account/promote/verify)
  • Invite Page (/account/affiliates)
  • Verified Listing Page (/info/verified-listing)
  • Privacy Policy Page (/about/privacy)
  • Terms of Use Page (/about/terms)
  • Pricing Page (/join)
  • How It Works Page (/about)
  • Contact Us Page (/about/contact)