This new feature allows Admins to easily edit text labels. A nested text label is a label within a label. This means that you can call a text label inside of another text label. 

This will allow Brilliant Directories to move one step closer to having all of the text that you see on the front end of the website inside of text labels, removing the need to edit widgets to change wording. By reducing the number of widgets that get customized, it will become easier to continue receive software updates on your website. 

How Can I Tell That There Is A Nested Text Label On My Website? 

When you visit your website as an admin, and click on the "Show Widgets" bar, you will see some words get highlighted in a yellow box. These are text labels. There are instances now where you will see a yellow box inside of another yellow box. This is a nested text label:


In the example above, "Official" is a nested text label that is being called inside of the "Venue" text label. You can see how this looks inside of the text label area here: 

Default Text Label: 


Nested Text Label: