We have integrated many articles of the Solution Center to your backend in order to provide related and faster answers when looking for help for a specific topic. When using your backend admin panel like in the image below, you will notice a Need Help button at the bottom right corner:

This bottom works by providing help for the backend page you are viewing at the precise moment you click on it. So if we were to click on Dashboard page (Which is the image above), we would find the following information:

But if we were to use for example the Members section of the backend, we would see another type of help:

Of trying to get help from the Membership Levels:

We can even find a lot of information related to Billing, Membership Features and more:

So with this, we have integrated the Helpdesk with your Backend to further help in solving most of the issues and doubts you might encounter along the way. There are still more sections to integrate and more information to offer, but this is a great first step towards finding information related to a topic. Remember also that you can always go to the Solution Center and look for specific words (tags) for a topic you need to find: