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Edit the (lefthand menu) sidebar in user account

I'd like to edit the left hand menu that displays in a user's account (Listing Dashboard), the one with Notifications, Manage Profile, Account, etc.

It looks like it's controlled by Bootstrap Theme - Account - Sidebar, but the code looks pretty foreign to edit.

Is there an easy way to add/delete/rename and generally edit that widget/menu?

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Hi Sean, could you verify that it is showing correctly now. You might need to clean the cache of your site first. We did several changes to how it works now.


Hi Sean, first I have to say (My personal opinion)  that your font type and colors used on your site are beautiful. Slick and nice to look at. I took about a minute looking at your site. With that said, there are several ways of editing the Member Dashboard Sidebar without having to edit the Bootstrap Theme - Account - Sidebar (Which is the widget for the sidebar).

You can go to your Members -> Membership Levels. Edit the membership level of the members you wish to change and go to the Features tab. Next enable/disable the options you want to show on the Sidebar by simply removing the option for "Can Post".

If you wish to change the CSS Style for it, then I would suggest the Bootstrap Theme - Account - Sidebar and simply add the CSS code you want to it's CSS tab.

Lastly, if you wish to rename the options shown in the sidebar, then you would need to edit the name of the Membership Feature. For this go to Members -> Membership Features, edit the feature you wish to change and on the Feature Name, rename it to what you want.

Hi Luis,

Thank you for the compliment! That's great to hear as we move toward launch next week. We hope to be a shining example of what Brilliant Directories can do, by building a really polished and profitable directory - we're working hard on it!

I've followed your instructions and I've gotten most of the way there. What's left is the renaming (and in one case removing) of those menu items in the member account sidebar.

Notifications (see attached "ss-notifications.jpg")

We don't use Leads, so I'd love to remove the "Manage Leads" menu item, leaving just "Manage Reviews".

Manage Profile (see attached: "ss-manageprofile.jpg")

The Profile Photo line item reads 'Photo Profile' for some reason. Not sure if we did that or it's an error. We'd like to have that corrected, and I can't figure out how. Also, we're not using 'Service Areas', so I'd like to remove that item from the menu.

Request Reviews (see attached: "ss-reviews.jpg")

Lastly...when I click on Request Reviews, I get the attached screen (shown in inspection mode). That text doesn't work for us - the part about moving to Page One, and so on. No problem, a simple edit I assume, but I can't find it for the life of me.

Thank you very much for your continued help with this. Let me know if we're overwhelming you or not using support in the proper way. I don't want to overstay my welcome in the forum. You've been a great help!


 Hi Sean, for all 3 cases you can add a CSS to remove them. This is because, from the backend PHP side, the information is being brought up like that. So you can attack the issue by doing a frontend update. For example, the following removes the Manage Leads option:

#collapseTwo > div:nth-child(1) > a:nth-child(1) {

I added that code to your Bootstrap Theme - Account - Sidebar widget on the CSS tab. Simply find the CSS selector for each and start removing them.

Hi Luis,

That works great. The only issue remaining here is that one of the line items looks off - says "Photo Profile" instead of "Profile Photo". Any way to edit that?



Hi Sean, can you add an image here to see where it says Photo Profile. I checked for the last 25 minutes and only saw Profile Photo, so just want to be 100% sure I did not miss something here. Thank you.

Hi Luis,

Happy to. I'm seeing this discrepancy when I'm logged in as a member, viewing their dashboard. However, it sometimes shows the correct menus and sometimes goes back to default. I've attached a series of screenshots to show you:

What it looks like when I first log in: (first-login.jpg)

What it looks like after I click to edit contact details (clicked-contact.jpg)

And what it looks like if I click the 'upgrade' button (clicked-upgrade.jpg)

So you can see that it's showing a default menu with "Photo Profile" and "Service Areas" (which should be CSS'd out) sometimes, and other times showing the 'right' menus for this particular Basic member.

Hope this helps!

- Sean

Seriously Sean, you should start doing my job. That's ONE HECK OF AN EAGLE EYE you have there. Amazing way of tracking details. I will start work on this and let you know what could be done. Thank you friend.


Hi Sean, could you verify that it is showing correctly now. You might need to clean the cache of your site first. We did several changes to how it works now.


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