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Streaming Widgets Final Testing Phase (Classic/Bootstrap Support)

This is a continuation of the Streaming Widgets Beta Testing article. We are almost ready with all Streaming Widgets for Classic and Bootstrap Sites. In order to test the streaming Widgets, we will need to create one last group of partners that will use all 9 streaming widgets on their site and provide feedback on this forum post about them.

If you would like to get all 9 streaming Widgets installed on your site, please reply on this post. Remember to add any feedback to this same post in order to enhance each streaming widget. The 9 streaming widgets enhanced here are:

Streaming Products

Streaming Jobs

Streaming Properties

Streaming Articles

Streaming Photos

Streaming Classifieds

Streaming Events

Streaming Coupons

Streaming Videos


Each of this Streaming Widgets will be finished after this last series of tests. The new features introduced to them for both, Classic and Bootstrap Sites are:


  • Ability to hide the Streaming Widget completely if there are no posts on it. Enabled by default.
  • You can now copy/duplicate a membership feature and assign a streaming widget to it just by simply changing a Feature Name variable in it.
  • Ability to hide members that are inactive. Enabled by default.
  • Cleaner code for your developers and oriented towards Responsive Design
  • Set Sorting Order, faster response, adapt streaming widget to custom membership features
  • Several customization options for your Streaming Widgets.
  • Support for Classic and Bootstrap sites
  • Standard Look and Feel Format
  • Better detection of errors and automatic fixes
  • Many under the hood changes.

Please remember to Up Vote this post so it stands out to other members, so we can test with a larger audience all 9 streaming widgets. Thank you for all your patience and to all that tested on the first phases, many thanks for all the feedback.

Best Answer

 Thank you guys for testing this out. It will be applied to Classic and Bootstrap sites on the next update.

Re: You can now copy/duplicate a membership feature and assign a streaming widget to it just by simply changing a Feature Name variable in it...
Does this mean we can have multiple content sections using the Streaming Articles widget? eg one for "Sport", one for "Outdoor", one for "Surfing" etc? With "see all" pages for each? Can some be attached only to premium Listing Plans?
Wanted to do this when we launched the site, so it'll be great if it is possible now!


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Correct Peter. That is one function for it. In regards to the Premium Listing Plan you are asking for, can you elaborate more on this to see if this can be added to the functionalities of the widgets.


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I would like to request this on my site too.


Hi Ghazan, you will have the 9 widgets enabled on your site in 15 to 20 minutes. Thank you for participating.


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Thanks Luis,

I already have enabled some of them in my bootstrap site. I would really appreciate if be able to get Automotive, specifically, on my site.


Hi Ghazan, since the Automotive idea is similar to the Streaming Properties widget, I recommend reading the following Article


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Great, thank you Luis. When we started setting up our site earlier this year, I wanted to create a premium news/editorial section called 'Showcase' to which only Members on our Gold and Silver plans could post, but all the content ended up on both the 'News' and the 'Showcase' streams, so we canned it for the time being. I will now try to do this again (or would welcome help!)
Thanks again!! We're gradually exploring the huge power of Brilliant Directories for a directory we had been running elsewhere for eight years. The only barrier is the time I can find to learn its capabilities.
This will deliver 'sections' – we would still be glad of other CMS-style functions.


Hi Peter, could you update me on which site you want me to apply all 9 widgets. Is it for all sites or a specific one. Let me know so I can upload them to your site.

Hi everyone, just to remove some confusion, this 9 widgets are not available on the system yet, so they will not appear on the Widget list. Currently the only way to get them is through here and after all testers are happy with it, then they can be pushed to all sites (Classic and Bootstrap).

Hi Luis, We bought a package of three sites but have only launched one of these – – so far. We are already actively using (as I understand it) Streaming Articles ("News & features"), Streaming Products ("New products & promotions"), Streaming Jobs ("Agencies & employment"), and Streaming Classifieds ("Classifieds") which were available when we went live mid-year. We want to split "News & features" up into several different Streaming Articles streams – for premium content, and for groups of sports – if this is now possible.
Thanks for all your help, Kind regards, Peter


Peter, you now have the latest version for the Classic sites. Any feedback you would like to add, feel free to post it here to enhance the streaming widgets with them.


Hi Luis,

Thanks for your help, however, please find attached pic of my newly created "automobile" form how it looks like when posted and ad:-

(9.24 KB)
Hi Ghazan, when you create a duplicate of another membership feature, apart from changing all the text values, text headers, text labels and url to automobile, you also need to take care of the other Tabs:

The streaming Widget will take care of many things, but for labels like in this case, you can always find all of them in the corresponding Membership Feature. Keep it up friend, you are doing an excellent job.


Hi Luis, I've had a chance to try this out now, and have two strange things happening: (1) On the homepage, the two new 'Showcase' posts appear in the 'News & features' stream (not the new 'Showcase' stream I have created); and (2) Clicking 'View all' takes you to /printinfo, not /showcase. The posts do appear in the right page (/showcase), however.
Before I started, I deleted the old 'Streaming - Showcase' Widget and 'Showcase' Member Features and started afresh; I then created two new Showcase posts (the mouthguards and earplugs ones) which you will see wrongly in the 'News & features' stream on the homepage, and correctly in the /showcase page.
Have I missed a setting? Thanks for all your help.


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