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Search Results - Google Location features - Member Location Privileges

I hope this brings on some useful discussion for support team and BD owners.

This is in reference to

New Google Location features

The entire business model of a niche-specific "online directory" sits on a solid premise that it's a for-profit enterprise. Members will pay you if you can deliver the benefits.  Which means new contacts and leads for their individual businesses.

How do we do that?

Just for a minute... let's not focus on all the cool features... the new google mapping, or on-site search results.

Nothing counts until our online directory gets a visitor... and the only visitor that counts is a qualified prospect for our specific niche. They want what your members are pitching and online searchers came to your Directory to find it.

Search Engines = 95% of the Traffic to Online Directories

Until our niche keyword phrases are ranking on the first page of Google, bing and yahoo... our online directory isn't going anywhere.

cosmetic eyelid surgery new orleans

That's a keyword phrase for an online directory featuring plastic surgeons. Even if we convince a 100 surgeons to sign on as members, what makes us think they'll stick around and pay us unless we can show them new leads and new patients

The only way to do that is to rank in Google for all those specific keywords. here's how its done.

Google will only rank relevant pages they know from experience satisfies the searching entering cosmetic eyelid surgery new orleans. And the obvious page on a Brilliant Directory site for cosmetic surgery is the same page that appears when you enter that same keyword in BD search with the location: New Orleans

But what signals to Google's algorithm our directory page is relevant and will satisfy the searcher? On-Page SEO Optimization

Page Title: <title> cosmetic eyelid surgery new orleans </title>

Page Description:  <meta name="description" content="Find New Orleans Cosmetic Surgeons. Get that youthful look again with cosmetic blepharoplasty for you eyelids.">

BreadCrumbs:  Home >>Eyelid Surgery >> New Orleans

Then your page shows listings for 10 cosmetic surgeons in new orleans which google already has in its index.

Bottom of the page: 200 words about plastic surgery in new orleans

And of course none of this is there in a Brilliant Directory site

Backlinks: What about those?

Yep. Our online directory needs a few high quality backlinks but they're not difficult to get.  However, backlinks are meaningless without the proper SEO on the page.

Patrick has offered his own directory ( ) as an example of the new google location integration, and indeed his on-site search is faster and mo' betta.  Super impressive actually

But check the onpage optimization. Then check the rankings for traffic keywords

Enter this exact search in a Google search box:

Google has crawled and indexed 12,600 pages on

Enter this search in Google search box:

thai language school bangkok

Looks great with all those pages on the directory indexed. But try searching with any of the suggestion keywords that show below the search box.


But online searchers don't know our site. They search like this

thai language school bangkok

Try that one. Or any variation you prefer for a language school in a city

All that onpage optimization can be done with the old BD system with a lot of trial and error.  Brilliant Directories is a CMS (content management system) that creates pages from a database.  The keywords, the city, the state are all easily retrieved from a database, they just need to be placed in the proper locations for onpage optimization

If we're going to invest all this effort into the new onsite search and location features, make it count in the profit column by building in the basic on-page SEO

And Patrick, please don't think I'm coming at you personally with this... I used your website simply because that was the only example for the new mapping integration

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for your helpful posts.

I am trying to digest the wealth of information you provided.

Is there a place that we can change the On Page SEO Optimization?

Thank you,



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Hi Jan,

Thank you for your helpful posts.

I am trying to digest the wealth of information you provided.

Is there a place that we can change the On Page SEO Optimization?

Thank you,