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Setting Location Privileges: City,Zip,

The two predefined "Membership Levels" have a setting for:

                    Location Privileges: 


I'm setting up a third level. The system automatically set the Location Privileges as:

                     Location Privileges:


I have not been able to figure out how to change my third level location privileges  to:

                    Location Privileges: 


I've done multiple searches on "Location Privileges", "Location" and "Privileges"

I've also gone through the setup form multiple times to no avail.

Please help & Thanks

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Hi Devon, there is some work that will be officially released soon related to this. I invite you to read the article in the link and see the changes you will receive very soon. Hope you like it.


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We made a big announcement last week detailing a massive update to our locations database. Our software is not integrated with Google Locations, and complies with Google's terms of use. You can read more about our announcement here

You can view this in action here:

The advantages of using the power of Google to power your directory are endless, but include:

The ability to search for streets
The ability to search for landmarks
The ability to search using different spellings
The system no longer requires an exact match to return a result. 
You can use accents
Continual updates to the location database ensures your data remains current
A search system that is dynamic and adjusts to the behavior of your users. 
Additional location suggestions provide your users with quick options should the first result not be exactly what they are looking for (just like google searches)

There are some limitations to using Google Maps, but these limitations are far outweighed by the pros. I recommend taking our new search functionality for a spin on the site we share above. 

If you would like to join our Beta launch let me know and I will have this setup on your site no later than tomorrow. We made a big announcement last week detailing a massive update to our locations database. Our software is not integrated with Google Locations, and complies with Google's terms of use. You can read more about our announcement here

You can view this in action here:

Services Areas such as the ones you are requesting in this thread will also be addressed in the next couple of weeks. Until then, no changes will be happening to the old location searches as we are moving away from this and using the most robust software available on the planet to power this. 

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I am having a similar problem.

I haven't launched yet and just have dummy listings at the moment

while I'm learning how to fly this thing.

The 'town' isn't showing in addresses and the

maps on some lsitings are way out, or a birds-eye view of the 

whole of Australia.

I have been trying to figure it out for hours,

so I would like to join the beta launch, please.

My site is a business directory for just my home town area. 

It would be nice if I could set it up with just those few towns as 

options and not the rest of the state and country

I am aiming for a 1st July launch.

Cheers & thanks


Hello Jenny, 

It sounds like your site would be an excellent candidate for the new Google location integration. Please email for more information.

If you would like to see it in action, you can visit

You can read this article to learn about the benefits and limitations of updating the search module:

Benefits and Limitations

Hi, Patrick & Jenny

I tried the link to on two different days.  Both times I receive a "Page not available" error.

I've read over the "Benefits and Limitations" and have some concerns.  I'm promoting the site as Michigan are listings only.  I'm concerned paid members are not going to be happy with me and my site when listing from Grand Rapids and Detroit start popping up.

Hopefully, the second highligted area will address my concerns.

Location search results cannot be strictly limited to specific geographic regions. Since the Google Maps API is built to return results intuitively, it will know where a user is located, and likely matches to their search are given precedence. If the search is ambiguous and could refer to several different locations, it will provide additional location suggestions, which CAN be controlled through your Admin settings.  However, the initial search a user enters may not provide results within your preferred countries if Google believes the search is most likely for a location outside of your preferred countries.

Thanks for your time and any suggestions you offer.


Hi Darrell, 

This is a setting called "service areas". I enabled it for you and you can now control which locations your members can select. 

In terms of an auto-suggest, neither our old system, not new one can allow our partners to control which locations show up in the auto-suggest. We can control which country, but that is it. 

It's really too bad does not work for you as this is a great place to test it out. 

Thanks, Patrick.

You're reposted link for langualist works fine.

I appreciate your assistance.

I try hard to figure things out on my own.  Sometimes it just get through the thick old noggin!

Awesome, glad it worked! Let us know what you think and whether or not you'd like to have Google Locations integrated regardless of not being able to 100% control recommended locations. 


I couple of quick questions before I decide on using Google Locations. (It kind of scares me what reaction I may get) 

Do I still use my own definition of categories  or is that 100% based on Google?

Am I still limited to one main category or is that concept eliminated with Google.

 Thanks, Again Patrick.



BTW....It would be helpful to us newbies if some clarification / reminder was posted explaining  what post should go into "General and which into "Developer's Corner.

I post one into "General" and kind have the feeling it should have gone into "Developer's Corner.

Thanks.....the end of my two cents worth...............................................for now! <grin>

Hi Darrell,

Your category structure would remain the same. The only thing impacted is the location box. Your members would still only be able to select a single top-level category. 

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the clarification. Patrick.

Yes, the info is helpful.

Have a great 4th of July holiday weekend.

Hello Patrick and everyone else,

I have the same problem like Darrel here, the new membership level is showing the county option instead as city & zip option. I understand that there is an option called "service areas" so you can enable it for me. I would appreciate it a lot. 

Regards, Daniel

Hi Daniel, in your case simply go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and search for "Enable Service Areas". If it has a value of 0, set it to 1 and save.

After it has a value of 1, under your different Membership Levels, you should see the following option under your Account Privileges option:

Where you can now decide in what locations a member from a specific membership level can be listed in.

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Thank you very much Luis, 

Great help, all sorted. I appreciate your fast response :)