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What is the variable to display member's subcategories in meta data?

Is it possible to make the word in the circle be the Member's assigned sub-categories? If so, how?

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Thanks Luana

It seems like it was just a one-off problem.

I have just been informed that when posting a review link on facebook the meta description has changed since resolving this issue. You can see the facebook link pulled across the right information in your post above, but now it pulls up this....

it should be the text of the actual review

Hi Sean, 

Our Development Team is updating the SEO Settings, we will let you know when this is working properly and I'll tell you where and how to change it, because right now if you make any change, it won't be reflected. 

Thanks! :) 

Thank you Luana. I eagerly await your update

Hi Sean, 

This was escalated to our Senior Development Team. We will let you know when is completed. 

Thanks! :) 

Hi Sean, 

Thank you for your patience. This issue has been resolved. 

To use Sub-Categories please add the variable %service_name%. 

Please go to Content >> Custom SEO Settings >> ID19  (URL: /%filename%) >> SEO Meta Details

Let us know if you have further questions. We are always happy to help :) 

Thanks Luana, we have been looking forward to this update especially. Can you please advise how long it should take to propagate in Google search results? I have attached the current display which still appears to be erroneous in two places. Thanks

Hi Christopher, 

Our Developers said that it could take 1 to 3 days. 

Please test it in three days and let me know if it's working properly. 

Thanks! :) 

Hi Luana

We are almost there! I just checked and it now looks like this:

Can you please solve the abovementioned problem? (It seems that %profession% and %sevice_name% now both display the same thing when previously the %profession% variable worked correctly displaying the member's top-level category). 

Thank you

Hi Sean, 

Thank you for reporting this issue. I'll create a ticket for you. 

We will let you know as soon as is completed.

Thanks! :) 

Hi Sean, the dev team has completed a thorough investigation and fixed an issue that was related to your problem (Long standing issue). Would you be some kind in testing if %service_name% and any other special variable is working correctly on your end. We want to have this ready to go for you guys. Thanks friend.

Hi Luis is it possible to be given a list of meta data variables in order to properly test them?

Yes of course Chris, which ones have you tested already so I can search for the rest through the whole code and give you the whole list.

I have only tested the two in this thread. %profession% and %service_name%

Ok, will have a full updated list for you tomorrow once I have tested each variable to make sure they don't have any issues (You know, just in case).

Hi Chris, the current working full list is the following:








































You can play with this list and of course set exactly what you want the system to show when sharing or linking to a social site.