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How to Set Up an Affiliate Program

How can we set up an affiliate program for members and affiliate marketers?

Has anyone done this? If so, care to share which way is the best way to go? E,g, Clickbank, SaleShare etc or something like an affiliate program software like postaffiliatepro?

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To setup the Share-A-Sale with your site, you can follow the following guide: How to Add an Affiliate Program

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Hi Tai, sorry to mention this so late but a card was created about a week and half ago for the dev team and coaches so they can assist you with an answer. currently I do not have one.. yet. So hang on while we give you a better answer for your question.

This idea sounds interesting :)


I think we will be able to do this when the Billing Module is integrated...

The sooner the better. From a marketing point of view, more partners and more affiliates is greater leverage and faster growth -  it's a no brainer.

I have been checking out several Affiliate programs. Our needs are different in that the sales occur some time AFTER the lead passes to the Listed Advertiser. So we will take the Affiliate info OFFLINE and match it with sales results from our listed companies at month end. There frankly seems to be NO correlation between cost and capabilities.

The only way I've ever seen a directory model use "affiliate marketing" is by paying a Bounty for a referral.  That means the site owner gives a Bonus/Prize/Gift to the person referring the new lead.  A lead is just a lead that you give a gift to get... then its up to you to sell a membership. 

Standard affiliate marketing is about sales and % of commission.  you'd never get that to work on a directory business model because the sales cycle can be very long... a new lead "Claims" a Free Listing and you don't make $$ until they upgrade




Would love to see non business members have the ability to save "Favourites" to make a favourite list of businesses they wish to use regularly.

Also would like to ability to have a shopping cart added to the directory, so visitors to the site can purchase the business listings items form their photo albums.

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I was told not to long ago that we can use the share-a-sale widget once we set up a share a sale account. I dont know how helpful that is but that is what Dennis T. told me during a teleconference. :)

I love this idea. We use affiliate marketing all the time (and do it ourselves).

It could be a traditional $ payout, one time or reoccurring. Lifetime commission payout is quickly becoming the new standard in affiliate payout so I would make sure it is also an option.

It could also be a discount  or a free month (or months) to an existing subscriber if they refer someone.

I also really like the idea of a favorites list. Maybe it's a button that shows up at the top of a persons profile when they log in. People tend to use the same businesses and like easy access.

Great suggestions

Referral system is definitely needed. Just like Jason said, traditional payout structure would work but it would be ideal if you could connect to listings so if a member refers 3 people, their listing is free as long as the 3 people stay active by paying or by them getting three new people as well. Extended version could also allow different levels of referrals, if you refer 10 then you get an upgraded listing and if you refer 25 well send you a christmas card every year and if you refer 100 well invite you to thanksgiving.

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To setup the Share-A-Sale with your site, you can follow the following guide: How to Add an Affiliate Program