Software Updates and Current Development Projects - March 2017

As most of our customers are aware of, Brilliant Directories applies the agile methodology when it comes to Software Development. This means that we set short term goals every 3 months so that our goals can be in line with what our customers are currently requesting. 

Many if not most of our software improvements come thanks to amazing customer feedback that we receive in our Forum and now in our Webinar Wednesdays. 

Here are some of the goals that we set three months ago that we have met or are on the verge of meeting within our three-month deadline: 

Brilliant Directories will be rolling out the following updates in the coming three months: 


  • Complete overhaul of the underlying logic of how member subscriptions are tracked by the software for improved accuracy and stability.
  • The ability to add multiple separate active subscriptions for a single member.  One subscription will be assigned as the "Primary" subscription which is tied to their Membership Level, and an unlimited number of additional subscriptions can be added for a member without impacting their Primary Membership Subscription.
  • Members can access their payment history and subscription history from within their Member Dashboard area, including viewing and downloading invoices.
  • Members can pay overdue invoices directly from their Member Dashboard.
  • Members can have their account put "On Hold" (suspended) automatically when they log in if their subscription payment is past due.
  • Members can have their accounts re-activated automatically when their past-due subscription is paid.
  • Enhanced support and stability for "external" (hosted) payment gateways such as PayPal Standard and 2Checkout.
  • Improved subscription management for website Administrators.


  • Ability to create admin accounts and control which tabs in the admin are available to them
  • Ability to invite 3rd-party developers to your website without making then an internal admin
  • Merge the Member Search engine with the Lead-Matching engine so that the lead matching engine is identical to the member search result logic. 
  • Make "zip_code" and "country_code" available variables for search result SEO templates
  • Prevent unedited widgets from being copied to a website so that there is a reduction in the number of unnecessary custom widgets that stop receiving important software updates
  • Make the phone number "clickable" so that the number of clicks can be tracked in profile statistics as well as the number of contact form submissions. 
  • Ability to export up to 1000 members using the member search functionality in the admin
  • Re-doing the logic of 301-redirects to resolve the issue of custom URLs as well as re-direct errors
  • Creating an "Angies List" type design for lead-gen websites. 

While we would love to work on each and every software suggestion that our customers make, we need to make the best possible decisions that will impact the most amount of customers. Once this next wave of updates are completed we will meet once again to provide all of you with our completed projects and next updates that will be coming up. 

Thank you!

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