Add Sidebars To Signup Pages To Increase Conversions

There is a new setting for you to be able to pick a sidebar for each Membership Level or Product Sign Up Page.

Here are the steps to follow:

Create the widgets with the images that you want to add in the SidebarCreate the SidebarAccess the Sidebar you created and Drag-N-Drop the widgets that you want to appear in the SidebarAccess the Membership Level or Product you want to use to show the Sidebar.

1) To create the widgets with banners or images, go to TOOLBOX >> WIDGET MANAGER:

You can add the following code: <img src="/images/stripe_logo.png" alt="Stripe Logo & Credit Cards"> to call an image, if you want to know how to upload an image please see this documentation:

 (Bootstrap) How To Upload An Image To Your Website

2) To create the Sidebar you need to go to TOOLBOX >> SIDEBAR MANAGER

Add the name of the new Sidebar and click on "Save Changes":

3) Click on Edit to access the Sidebar you've created.

Drag-N-Drop the widgets you want to show in the Sidebar, once you do click on "Save".

4) Go to FINANCE >> MANAGE PRODUCTS. Find the Membership Level or Product you want to edit:

Click on "Edit" under the "General" tab find "Sign Up Page Sidebar" and choose the one you created, finally click "Save":

Lastly, you'll see the Sidebar on your Sign Up Page: