Hero Divider - Clickable Links (Call-To-Actions)

The Hero Divider is one of the most utilized design features with the Brilliant Directories platform. It is a great way to teach new website visitors what it is they can do on your site. It is also one of the first things they see, taking up some of the most valuable real-estate on your website, both for desktop view and mobile devices. 

Brilliant Directories have been asking to convert this section into a great opportunity to add high-quality call-to-actions that are clickable. This increases page views and helps the end-user find what they are looking for quicker.

Desktop View: 

Mobile View:

Adding Clickable Links To Your Hero Divider

To add clickable buttons to your hero divider please follow these instructions:

1. Go to ADMIN >> SETTINGS >> DESIGN SETTINGSClick on "Homepage Layout" tab
2. Click on "Homepage Divider Settings"The settings should now display like this:

3. Add the "Link Name". This is the text that will appear on the clickable button itself. 
4. Add the "Link URL" for each button. When the button is clicked, the website visitor will be taken to the link you have provided. 
5. Click "Save Changes"

How Can I Get This Update?

To get this update you must have the Bootstrap Theme and the following widgets set to default:

  • Bootstrap Theme - Homepage - Hero Divider
  • Bootstrap Theme - Custom Appearance Settings

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