New Supported Variables For Lead Emails

Two new supported variables are now supported for lead email templates. Each of these variables log your members that are matched to leads autimatically into thier accounts. 

%member_login_link% - This variable will log a member into his dashboard area without needing to enter his username or password. The member dashboard is the following:



%member_lead_match_link% - This variable will take a member straight to the specific lead in question without needing to enter his or her username or password. This is the fastest and easiest way for members to accept free leads or purchase paid leads:


To participate in this BETA launch you can update your lead emails to include these variables.

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So, trying to use these in our email templates, but both variables come through in the email as blank...

Am I doing something wrong?


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Hi Aaron, 

We have made changes that should make this work on your site as well (and all sites). If anyone is encountering any issues during our BETA release please do not hesitate to paste this here. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot, Patrick, the variables are indeed converting to functioning links now!

However, there is still no way for Members and their Leads to communicate through the Leads module, right?

Is this coming?  If not, not sure what use these links provide to our Members...

Appreciate any insight you can offer,


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Hi Aaron, 

The update was requested by our customers that have purchased the Advanced Leads Module in order to send out SMS messages to their customers. As you may or may not know, taking a customer to their dashboard instead of directly to their lead when they are using a cell phone makes it a more complicated process. By having a link that automatically logs a member in to their dashboard and takes them straight to their lead makes it an easy process, even for claim listings that may not even know they have a listing on your website. 

That was the focus on this update. 

Developing a messaging platform that allows members to communicate with members inside of the members' dashboard is not currently on our list of next updates. It's on the list of feature sugggestions, and once we complete the rollout of our next software updates we will re-evaluate our list of priorities and see which features we will roll out next. 


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