Search Privileges - Setting Privileges By Membership Level

It is now possible with the Brilliant Directories Bootstrap Theme to control which membership tiers are able to search the content of other membership tiers. Although this latest update applies to all Brilliant Directories Themes, it is easiest explained by using the Jobs Theme as an example. 

There are two primary users that we will be addressing in this example:

Job Applicant: Someone that is looking for a job. They would create a profile which could be found by employers that are associated with the jobs theme directory. 

Employers: Companies looking for employees. Posting jobs, and browsing through a database of potential employees is the primary reason for joining the jobs directory in this example. 

Primary Issue Being Addressed

The Brilliant Directories’ “Members-Only” setting allows you to protect your members’ information from the general public. By setting your website to “members-only”, you essentially require users to log into their accounts on your website to access the information hosted on your website.

This is an excellent setting for job applicants for example, as it is unlikely a job applicant would want to be found in search results or being indexed by Google. Someone looking for a job however, would want their listing to be findable to employers. 

Where the members-only setting fails in this instance, is that both employers AND job applicants that are signed in would be able to browse the job applicant database. The ideal setup would allow only employers to access the job applicant database. 

The Solution

By installing this Brilliant Directories update, you will now be able to control which membership levels have access to browse the members and content of a specific membership level. 

In the example above, we can now give “employers” the ability to exclusively browse the job applicant database. 


Login to your admin portalGo to MEMBERS >> MEMBERSHIP LEVELS >>  EDIT >> PRIVILEGESScroll to the bottom of the form and click the “Install” button if this update has not already been installed on your website. If you do not see the installation button it means that you have this as a feature on your website. 

What you will see at the bottom of the form once the update has been installed are all of the additional membership levels. For example, if you are editing the “Job Applicant” level, you will see the “Employer”, “Blog-Admin”, "General User", and whichever additional levels you have created.  By checking the box for “Employer”, you are giving permission to “Employer” members to browse “Job Applicant” member content. By not click any membership levels, Job Applicants will be searchable to all of your membership levels. The moment you check a box, Job Applicants become restricted to only the members that have been selected. 

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Thank you, Patrick. Will the employer be able to search applicants by keywords, job skills, etc? If so, how can we set this up?

Can we require resume uploads by job seekers?

Hi Michael, 

Although I mention the Job Theme in this documentation as an example, this is not an update to the job feature itself but rather the entire platform. You can check out the full search functionality of our job theme by going to

Hope this helps :)

Awesome!   FYI Since "Dynamic Subscription Search Option" isn't spelled out in the above explanation, it does not show up in the search results :)


In your example is there a way to have to sets of members. For instance:

Member Levels

Applicants (Type 1)

Employers (Type 2)




Premium (executive)


Premium (executive)


So what I am looking for is a method of applicants (type 1) to login and only see companies hiring.  Depending on your membership level you would only see campiness hiring in your basic level or if a premium member you would see companies hiring all positions including executive.  I would like the choice to filter (if premium member) between all companies and premium companies/positions only.

On the others side employers would be able to do the same searching applicants.  In either case they would (based on their login credentials as a Applicant (type 1) or an Employer (type 2) only be able to see the members of the other type.  Applicants (type 1) would see only employers (type 2), and only to the ability afforded by their membership level (basic or premium).

Yes, this is possible.

You would need to activate Member Search Visibility options when editing membership levels.

This would be the option under Privileges when editing any membership level.