Assigning Different Member Forms To Various Membership Levels

It is now possible to assign custom forms to specific membership levels. This means that you can have a contact details form for website members (business listings) and a different contact details form for general website users. 

This is a free update that is ready for installation on all Bootstrap websites. To learn how to complete the installation on your website, please click here for the detailed video:

Assigning Different Member Forms To Various Membership Levels

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Thank you, Patrick. What are some examples we can use it for? How will the member search widgets look like if we have different types of members?


Great job Patrick and the BD Team

Thanks Geoff

Hi Patrick,

This feature is exactly what I've been looking for. I watched the video twice and both created a new membership and edited an old one. Neither one took the changes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

I edited the Contact Form on my current Islander User membership and created a new membership, free business listing, where I edited the listing details form to only allow the member to pick their business categories and not include "share more details" information. Neither one is changed. I included the screenshots showing the changes on the back end but no change on the front. I must be missing something. Please help.


mine is now working as designed. thanks

Once a form is complete and submitted, is it possible the forms field data be displayed as a public listing?   If possible, and lets say I have ten completed forms, am I able to make some of the same completed forms viewable as a listing while still hiding others? And if possible, within the viewable listing am I able to make some fields that were initially submitted in the form hidden from the public listing?

Hi Rachel, 

It is not possible to have a custom form create a listing in the system. The only forms that can do this are the signup forms. It may be possible via heavy customization, but any such requests would have to be sent to the marketplace. 


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